Mulching HM

The Hermes machines are robust and very stable because of their very strong steel construction, the expert welding and the beautiful finish. They have been designed to operate close to the ground.

Mulching CASTOR

This is a very robust mulching machine with a particularly strong blade carrying rotor. This is a machine ideally suited for the shredding of pruning cuttings, for grass cutting and for shredding maize stalks.

Hammermower FLAILY

Hammer mower with double sided free swinging cutting blades. It is ideal for cutting grass and for light pruning waste such as vine shoots.

Fruit picking

In the last few years the harvest has become one of the biggest problems for the modern fruit grower. The prices of fruit vary a lot, labour costs are ever on the increase, the availability of staff on the labour market is ever more problematic, and the administrative burden put on the running of the business is increasingly complex.


The Tyrolbox is a picking bucket at the same time robust and comfortable which allows the picker to pick the fruit with care and save time.
The aluminium frame is strong and light at the same time and protected by a layer of coloured PVC meant to protect the clothes (non staining), and which is smooth to the touch.