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dicembre.jpg December
Answers for demanding wine- and fruit growers
Preparation and impregnation of the Nordic pine pole “Stebopal”
Standard RAL and DIN 68800
Class 4 poles must submit to the following values when using Adolit salt (CKO):
stebo2.jpg As soon as the humidity has dropped below 30%
Nordic pine pole kg/mc/ salt saline concentration in %
Diameter 2/7 cm 12 2,7/4,4
Diameter 7/10 cm 10 2,7/4,4
Diameter oltre 10 cm 8 2,7/4,4
agosto.jpg August – September
Available both calibrated and turned, with and without a point.
novembre.jpg October – November
With a production time of about 6 to 8 months, scrupulously adhering to all the seasoning stages, the quality of the Stebopal pole is synonymous with guarantee.