Hammer mulching machines

Castor is more than just a hammer mulching machine. Our engineers have put great care into every detail. Their task is to design and create robust, high-quality machines. And Castor is exactly this: a machine able to satisfy the needs of modern farming. To make Castor machines, Hermes uses the most advanced techniques in all production stages: from the selection of raw materials, to the use of the most modern, precise CNC machines to the computerised electrical balancing of the blade-carrying rotors. The entire process takes place in-house, under the supervision of Hermes engineers. Unlike many other companies, which outsource production and merely assemble components bought from third parties.
Building an outstanding machine requires the use of high-quality components. Hermes engineers use their extensive experience to carefully select each component. Only by carefully and thoroughly
selecting each component and technique are they able to ensure Castor best meets the need for robust, durable machines. Innovation is essential for our engineers. Always careful to respond to the ever-changing requirements of modern farming, Hermes keeps improving and adapting its machines: in addition to researching production techniques that can improve Castor’s performances. Further we offer a wide range of multiple cutting options and versions making our machines fully adaptable to all need.
Innovation, quality, reliability and strength are the qualities that make us proud of our Castor machine.
Innovative universal accessories mounting bar that can be fitted to any machine. On this bar, the operator can mount the required accessories, including a supplemental hydraulic system, should the hydraulic system of the tractor itself not be sufficient. The accessories are mounted to the bar using a corresponding mounting kit. Various types of mechanical weeding accessories are available and can be quickly attached to the bar using a quiuckmount system.
This way, the setup of the accessories on the machine can swiftly be changed to meet the requirements of the job at hand.
This model has the angle gear mounted to the base of the three-point hitch. The V-belt shielding box is mounted at an angle, reducing the height of the machine considerably. This characteristic is particularly important when the machine is used along narrow rows of trees or plants and where branches are very low.
Castor Komby front and rear three point linkage. This machine can be either pulled or pushed. The transmission has a double freewheel automatic inverter, which ensures the correct functioning of the machine on all tractors.