FLAILY Hammer mowers

Flaily machines are ideally suited for cutting grass and light pruning waste such as vine shoots. The electronically balanced rotor features double sided, free swinging blades, which rotate at a very high speed. The great number of small cutting blades ensures optimal results by cutting grass into very small pieces. Ideal also in orchards, where the terrain is not perfect, to cut small branches and for quick, accurate jobs that cannot be done using horizontal blades. This cutting system is often mistaken with the work of a mulching machine. In fact, this is a completely different machine, designed to guarantee speed and accuracy while keeping energy consumption low, distributing the cut grass evenly and cutting light pruning waste and/or brushwood. It can be used even on grounds with small stones or bulky pieces of wood, which it will avoid, not break. Flaily is the perfect choice for firms that require strong, easy to manoeuvre machines, simple to operate and adaptable to different needs, reliable and innovative, ideal for cutting short grass but also great for cutting very high grass. One of the main characteristics of
this machine is its ability to distribute cut grass evenly, slightly lifted from the ground, thus ensuring its quick decomposition into organic matter. The clean cut performed by the small blades also has a selective effect on the grass, favouring grass of better quality, to obtain the best lawns. Flaily is also ideal to maintain grass surfaces in communal and public spaces. Its easy manoeuvrability, joined with the fact that it can cut high grass and brushwood, make it the perfect choice to maintain roundabouts, sports grounds and parks, where, even if the ground is uneven, the machine can reach a speed of up to 8 km/h.
Innovation, quality, reliability and strength are the reasons why we are proud of our machines.
Innovative universal accessories mounting bar that can be fitted to any machine. On this bar, the operator can mount the required accessories, including a supplemental hydraulic system, should the hydraulic system of the tractor itself not be sufficient. The accessories are mounted to the bar using a corresponding mounting kit. Various types of mechanical weeding accessories are available and can be quickly attached to the bar using a quiuckmount system. This way, the setup of the accessories on the machine can swiftly be changed to meet the requirements of the job at hand