Professional collection

A real work center

TECNOFRUIT belt-driven harvesting machine is currently the most modern fruit harvesting machine in terms of quality, productivity and practicality.
Their undisputed effectiveness is proven by numerous farms spread over 29 countries, which have successfully introduced the TECNOFRUIT machines with incredible results.
They optimize the harvest in all its aspects while representing a real work center.
In fact they can be used throughout the year:
harvest, green and winter pruning, manual thinning, installation and maintenance of anti-hail nets and other operations that require multipurpose, fast and sturdy means.
TECNOFRUIT machines can be equipped with a series of accessories depending on the needs of the farm, starting from very rich cutting-edge standard equipment in terms of technology and environmental matters (low emissions
and consumption).
The harvesting labor cost can be reduced by up to
a half, with estimated savings of about EUR 15,000
for 10 ha (data recorded in CCA) thanks to a smaller number of employees with a higher yield per person compared to traditional harvesting systems and waste reduction.
All this, together with low running
costs, allows very short amortization times.
Harvesting with TECNOFRUIT machines guarantees
unique harvest quality in every situation.
Fruit harvesting on the whole plant (uniform quality
of the harvested fruit), direct conveying of the
fruit in the fruit containers, the fatigue reduction
concerning the workers are just some elements that allow obtaining the highest harvesting yields.