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Tecnofruit CF-105

Compact machine for plants with 3.00 to 3.90 m inter-row and maximum height of 3.60 m of the plant. The rich standard equipment and a complete range of accessories allow customizing the machine according to the needs of modern fruit farmers. Equipped with a reliable 3-cylinder diesel engine that allows low fuel consumption and emissions according to the latest enviromental regulation.

The 4 side platforms (1.25 x 0.36 m rear platforms - 0.80 x 0.36 m front platforms) allow 3 levels of harvesting in a very compact machine.
Up to six people can work easily without  mpediments while guaranteeing maximum ergonomics.

Optionally it is possible to choose an automatic trailer (the unloading of filled containers is carried out on the trailer) or a simple empty bin-trailer
(the unloading of filled containers is carried out on the ground), particularly suitable in case of very narrow plants and with very short rows.  Furthermore, an optional air compressor is also available for 4/5 shears.

Engine Kubota 3 cyl
Type Diesel 18.5 Kw/ 24,8 hp
Front wheels 26x12.00-12” 8 pr
Rear wheels 26x12.00-12” 8 pr
Service brake -
Emergency brake/Parking brake Hydraulic negative
Diesel tank capacity lt 40
Hydraulic oil tank capacity lt 90
Aux power 12 V – 15 A
Speed 0-8 km/h
Speed range 2 + 2 con/mit inversor
Transmission Hydrostatic
Steering control Joystick
Lenght (without bins trailer) mm 4180
Width (min/max) mm 1800 / 3000
Height (min/max) mm 2418 / 2910
Wheel base mm 2205
Ground clearance mm mm 170
Tourning radius m 3,80
Weight kg 2060
O=Optional - nd=Not available - S=Standard
4 side platforms 1,38x0,40 m S
2 side platforms 1,25x0,36 m and 2 side platforms 0,80x0,36 m -
Horizontal and vertical Hydraulic adjustment of rear platforms S
Horizontal hydraulic adjustment of front platforms S
Remote control of platforms (433Mhz) S
Automatic bins trailer O
Bins trailer with 4 wheels with bins caliper brake O
4 side picking belts S
6 side picking belts O
Central conveyor belt O
Rear-wheel drive with self-locking differential O
4 wheel drive O
Automatic steering with ultrasound system O
Hydraulic steering with Joystick S
Additional Joystick O
Industry fruit container O
Front draw bar O
480 lt external air compressor -
Pneumatic shears and/or pneumatic chainsaw O
Negative parking and emergency brake with automatic operation S
Hail net platform width 1,80 - 3,30 m; H=2,95 m; Depth 1,50 m O
Work lights O
Unloading of full bins on the ground and on the trailer O
Bins table kit and special lift for automatic trailer for oversize bins (max 1,60x1,10 m) O
Wooden guide profiles for turntable for plastic bins O
Low filler (for low anti-hail systems) including tires 23.00 - 10.50 - 12” O
O=Optional - nd=Not available - S=Standard