Hermes Mulching Machine

Rotary mulching machine fisarmonica

In recent years, farmers’ equipment requirements have changed. However, the demand for machines that allow to improve and optimise production costs remains. Grass cutting is high on the agenda. As agricultural firms grow in size, skilled labour becomes increasingly difficult to find and cultivation techniques improve, the hectare/hour ratio needs to be reduced, in order to save time and money. To meet these requirements, Hermes, which has always invested in rotary cutting machines, has developed the Fisarmonica. On one hand, the blades cut the grass with optimal results and low energy consumption; on the other, the system allows to cut even high grass very quickly (up to 10 km/ hour). Compared to a hammer mower, cost and time is reduced by 2/3. In addition to reducing costs, the Fisarmonica is very flexible: the two lateral wings can be hydraulically controlled, to adapt to the width of the row. This feature is particularity useful to agricultural firms that have varying widths between the rows of trees, plants, etc.


Alteration of the excursion width and outward force of the swing disc

The special hydraulic cylinder with eyelet allows the operator to set the excursion width of the swing disc as required, without influencing its ability to retract when it encounters an obstacle. Using a thread rod, the operator can regulate the force required to make the swing disc retract, making it possible to operate more delicately around younger plants.